Real bread has one key ingredient, and it's not one you can skimp on, its time.

Great bread takes time to produce, you can't whip up a great loaf in an hour or two. At Baltic Bakehouse we never substitute time for anything else, we don't rush our bread and we never use preservatives, additives or artificial flavours. All our loaves are risen over a long time at least 12 hours, with some of our breads taking over 72 hours to produce. By sticking to our ethos of great properly baked breads, we hope to produce a product that is unique in Liverpool, and bread that tastes great. 

We don't make the same bread each day, we try to vary production so have different breads available, we do know however that you'll have your favourites, so check out the bread schedule below to see what days your favourite loaf will be available on.