Christmas Bread Orders

Last Christmas we struggled to get production right just before Christmas, some days we'd have loads of bread leftover at the end of the day and others we'd sell out within an hour. We found predicting demand very difficult and on several days didn't get it right. This year we'll be taking orders for bread to be picked up on the 24th. 

Every day up to and including the 23rd will be walk in bread sales as normal at the bakery and Furrow. On the 24th we'll be selling pre-ordered bread only, you will not be able to walk in the buy bread, but you'll be able to order as much as you like for pick up at either location. We'll be closed until January 5th, so order now to make sure you've got some supplies to see you through to new year. 

If you'd like to order for the 24th, please email

Bread available for order: Baltic Wild, Moss Lake Wild, BFB, Wild Granary, Wild Walnut, Baltic Best and Baltic Husk. 

I'd like to reitterate, there will be no walking bread sales on the 24th, it will be pre-order only.