Pre order any of our pastry items for a party, special event or just to treat yourself.

Placing An Order

At Baltic Bakehouse we pride ourselves, on not only our bread but also our pastry, particularly our buns, tarts and doughnuts. Each day we have different items available on our counter, but we are liable to sell out. Now if you're planning an event and would like to some of our pastries you can pre-order from our range. 

All orders must be placed 3 days in advance along with payment, this can be done in person at the bakery or by email and Paypal. If ordering small items like individual tarts or doughnuts a minimum of 6 items is required.

Orders can be picked up from the bakery on Bridgewater street or from our Allerton Road shop by prior arrangement. 

To place order call into the bakery,  email or call 0151 708 6686.

Product Range

Crack Pie - A kind of gooey, toffee custard filling on a crunchy biscuit base with a hint of vanilla sea salt. 25cm diameter, 12 servings £22

Custard Tart - British classic set vanilla custard tart with grated nutmeg on top, 25cm diameter, 12 servings £22.

Almond Bakewell - Another british classic, sweet shortcrust pastry with a layer of Mrs K jam toped with sweet frangipane and flaked almonds, 25cm diameter, 12 servings. £22

Chocolate Salted Caramel tarts - Individual tarts or rich chocolate ganache covering a layer of caramel sauce lightly salted with Halen Mon vanilla sea salt. Each tart serves one, £3.50.

Chocolate Tart - Individual milk chocolate tart. Each tart serves one, £3.00

Fruit Tarts - These vary depending on the season and what fresh British fruit is available, please enquire about options. 

Jam Doughnuts - Freshly made doughnuts filled with raspberry jam £1.50 each.

Custard Doughnuts - Freshly made doughnuts filled with custard £1.50 each.

Chocolate Doughnuts - Freshly made doughnuts filled with chocolate custard £1.50 each.

Peanut-butter and brittle doughnuts - Freshly made doughnuts filled with a peanut-butter cream and topped with peanut brittle £1.75 each.

Lemon curd doughnuts - Freshly made doughnuts filled with lemon curd £1.75 each.