Working on a New Loaf

 I'm currently working on a new loaf, which had its first outing this weekend, it was a huge 1.8kg miche/boule, that we were selling in wholes, halves and quarters. It's an evolution of the B72 that was on sale a few months ago. 

This was a loaf I wasn't too happy with back in September so stopped it for a while, so I could mull it over and work out where it was going. To be honest I wasn't sure how I'd revive it, but then along came Chad, my bread hero. By Chad, I mean Chad Robertson, the highly regarded and very well known (at least in the baking world) baker and owner at Tartine bakery in San Fran. He'd just released his third book, which I had eagerly pre-ordered, and it got me thinking, the same as his second book did when I first laid my hands on it several years ago. 


Chad evangelises stone ground flour, ancient grains and loads and loads of water, his breads have huge hydration levels for free standing loaves, in fact greater hydration than my focaccia or ciabatta formulas. So off I went with a few trials, shifting the flour blend to use more stone ground flour from the local Walk Mill, and upping the hydration levels and bulk fermenting time. We have a loaf without a name but one I'm really happy with, currently just a weekend thing this big beauty will be on sale in whole, halves and quarters. It's still got a bit of a way to go, some work on the final prove and when its ready for the oven and also try some different slashing patterns, to get one we really like. 

*Notes, its mainly stone ground white from walk mill, a bit of wholewheat and 85% hydration. 4 hour bulk with 6 folds and prove until ready, in our case over night in the fridge.