No More Baguettes

We’re not making baguettes any more. At least not for quite a while, maybe one day we’ll bring them back perhaps for an odd special occasion. However day to day at Baltic Bakehouse there will be no more baguettes. 

What we currently make, but not for much longer

What we currently make, but not for much longer

We make pretty good baguettes, but that isn’t good enough. We have always set out to make the best bread we can, and bake products we are really happy with. This also means a small product range, do a few things well. We never wanted to be a bakery where you can walk in and get 20 different types of bread, each day we bake between 4 and 8 different loaves and thats it. We mix up what we bake and try different loaves throughout the week.

You see a baguette is a particular thing, there are rules about it and ours just aren’t good enough. Our baguettes are nice, and probably (in my highly biased opinon) the best you can get in Liverpool, they’re good bread but not great baguettes. Its not to say that we couldn’t make a great baguette, I’m confident with more work and practice they’d be very good, it would take quite a bit of time but we could get there. However this takes us to a biger product range and not something I feel we need to focus on. We just don’t need to be great at baguettes, or ciabatta or brioch buns or fougasse or rye bread or pita bread or any of the othere 1001 breads we could be good at. Yes, they all may make an occasional apperance but that’s it. 

This is a decision I’ve been playing about with for quite sometime, I finally convinced myself last week. Despite the constant worry of trying to please everyone, thoughts along the line of “the biger range we have the more people we’ll please” we have to focus. We currenlty make a few varieties of sourdough, and some yeasted white and brown bread, its hard enough being good at them. We are constantly tweeking the recipes and methods always trying to make them better, I could work just on these recipes for years tinkering with them all the time an never be happy.

The time and effort we would have to spend on developing great baguetes, for us at least, is not worth the investment (I don’t mean financially). I’m sorry if you love our baguettes, but we need to be focused. Stumbling into Alice’s rabbit hole, is a clear route to mediocracy.